Have a wonderful time while playing a Clash Royale game

Clash Royale is a battle game and your task is to defeat your enemy castle by initiating with proper defense. The maximum level is thirteen and when you win the battle by destroying more number of towers than your opponent or by destroying the opponent king tower then you will get an additional crown to play the game.

How to play Clash Royale

The game can be simply described as a four minutes emotional rollercoaster packed onto your mobile phone. It is a game that extremely very easy to pickup to play and easy to quit. The play field is split into two sides, with each team defending their own castle form the opposite players. Both the players also started with two addition towers which help to defend their castle to attack the opposite building by launching the proper defense. The game is won, when one player destroy the castle of opposite player, or when the time is run out, which gives the win to player who has destroyed the most of buildings. If two players are equal at that time, the clock will extended for some period and the match may be become to draw.

Tips and Tricks to win Clash Royale

clash royale trick

During playing you should keep the following tips in your mind which is very helpful for you to improve your performance.

You have to spend more amount of time going through all the decks and your cards, because many people feel like I have good decks but I am not succeed.

Your deck should be based around you highest level of cards, but also must be good. For example if you have a level 1Epic card in your deck, then once you want to go next higher level, so this Epic card is very week compared to other means you first use this card. Most important tip out of the game is clash royale gems hack, it will help you to reach the levels easily.

Important Features of Clash Royale

Clash of Royale is a game, that having theme, style, characteristics of Clash of Clans in different way. There is no availability of popular mobile phone games in the period of clash of clans which is so quickly. But Clash Royale has overcome that strategy to improve its level and it has become No.1 in U.S. When you ask the question like “which is a better game Clash Royale or Clash Clans?  To the people, many of them saying compared to clash clans, the Clash Royale is better because of following reasons.

  • Clash Royale you can play whenever you want. In Clash of clans you have to wait for hour to get your army back after a single 3 minute battle.
  • You don’t have to wait hours to attack, in order to progress your game you just get the cards after that you go.
  • There are many rewards to keep your interest- while in clash of clans it takes week even months to gain significant trophies, but in Clash of Royale you don’t need to spend money and at every levels you get the rewards.